QBasic Nibbles Gorillas: Title screen and instructions
Gorillas: Title screen and instructions

QBasic Nibbles

With many different features and various levels, QBasic Nibbles released in 1991 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Compilation game and online now.

QBasic Nibbles description

One of the many variants of the classic game "Snake" (or "Python") - incidentally, part of the set of pre-installed entertainment offered by the operating system MS-DOS 5, and it is written in the Holy and tender favorite some oldgamer programming language QBASIC.

The rules don't differ from tens and hundreds of analogs: driving is presented in the form of a strip by a snake, you must eat objects that leads to an increase in the length of our protagonist and gradually begins to impede further movement; if there is a collision with an obstacle or with your own body (when the latter will grow to a significant size) some loss.

In this embodiment, before the start you can choose the difficulty level (affecting the moving speed of snake, number of obstacles on the screens and so on), the number of players (you can play together) and graphical mode (monochrome or four colors). Objects of hunting are fixed numbers from 1 to 9 sequence, one after the other on each screen-level (of which there are nine). Originally risk only perimeter walls (well, and the purely hypothetical likelihood of "bumping into"), but already on the second stage receive the first additional obstacle in the form of a line in the center of the playing field, the contact with which is deadly - and then the complexity will rise exponentially. For each "eaten" figure accrues a hundred times superior to its points - the most on any of the screens you can get them 4500. The entire game is given five "lives", and there is no way to increase this number. For every loss deducted 1000 points.

It is hardly necessary to say something about the graphic component here, in fact, ASCII, but do not dare to call it "primitive". This is classic, classic and platinum and can not become obsolete in principle. In fact, to say about QBASIC Nibbles nothing else - much better to just play it, remembering the good old days...

Do you want to relive your memories and play QBasic Nibbles online in your browser? Play it now for free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

QBasic Nibbles

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