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Project: Space Station

Educational game released by Avantage Software in the year 1987 by the name Project: Space Station is an excellent Side view perspective game that can be played online by clicking on the link here.

Project: Space Station description

Interesting economic strategy, dedicated to the construction of the space station.

The game is time limited – the project devoted only 15 years (of course, time flows in the game are faster than in real life). During this time, you have to do very, very much, namely, to plan for expenses; to employ personnel, including scientists (which in this game is almost the most difficult task); to design the Shuttle launch (also not an easy task – the start screen can lead to a state of mild confusion) and the station; to carry out a variety of scientific studies, often personally choosing the right "course" and strongly motivating scientists; finally, to report annually on its work to the government and to beg him money for further development (not forgetting that it is necessary to work effectively and yet economically to spend public money).

If the previous paragraph seemed to fans of "light" economic policies exciting, immediately I hasten to disappoint: this game is almost the hardest in your subgenre. Most of the gameplay is dull and monotonous screens filled with a huge variety of text, graphics, the game tends to zero (which is normal for similar games of the period). In this regard, it is recommended to play only the most "hardcore" fans of old "text" strategies that are not afraid to "fight" with such a rarity. Although if you delve into the gameplay, then the game may well deliver a genuine intellectual pleasure. So that fans of truly "smart" games you should pay your attention to it.

Enjoy playing Project: Space Station online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


Project: Space Station

Educational, Strategy/Tactics
Avantage Software
Micro Imagery
Side view, Text-based / Spreadsheet
Managerial / Business Simulation