Pete Rose Pennant Fever cover
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Pete Rose Pennant Fever

A very interesting DOS game was released by Dynamix, Inc. in the year 1988. The game was called Pete Rose Pennant Fever. You can now play it online.

Pete Rose Pennant Fever description

Baseball simulator with little managerial elements, named after a famous player and coach in those years.

Most of all, the game is interesting because it has a camera shows various plans (eight in total, although the view for the most part still in the third person, rendering it difficult to see the whole field), and what is happening can be seen from the point of view of different players. Another interesting point is that the number of players of their "styles" of the game.

For direct control available to all players; there are different game modes – single match (you can play together on one computer) and season in the League, also has a career mode coach – ten seasons, and here are the managerial (or rather, coaching) elements: you can choose a team and sell/buy players; incidentally, a similar "career mode" in this game, almost for the first time.

Also not to mention remarkable for its time, graphics and sound. The players sprite is drawn with great detail and great animations, you can see not only stands for the audience, but even the shadow of players on the field (which is also traced great); sound and voice (in the game is the voice acting) are all real, translated into a digital form (absolute innovation for sports games those years). Verdict – one of the best baseball simulation of all time and the thing that absolutely should be familiar to any fan of this game on the screen.

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Pete Rose Pennant Fever

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