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Paperboy, a DOS game was released by the very talented group Atari, Inc. in 1988. Little did they know that they will end up making history. Play this game again here.

Paperboy description

Absolute classics of the arcade genre, the port with slot machines, variance for all of their platforms (and not only) time.

You play as a boy, the newsboy, who, riding around the city on bike, needs time to deliver Newspapers to subscribers (the game is time limited, and if someone of the subscribers don't get the newspaper on time, he will cancel the subscription, respectively, we will have less points), not to lose Newspapers along the way (this also happens), as well as to avoid enemies and obstacles.

Of course, the "real" enemies in this game, there can be, but everywhere are evil dogs, then razryva the road builders, people, skateboarders, or cars that you can encounter (just in case – don't worry: lives are given a few)... In General, the strain still the same.

As for the graphics, there is a complex question. On the one hand, is supported by the EGA mode, the picture which looks bright and beautiful. But if we compare the graphics of DOS version with graphics on other platforms (e.g. the Amiga), then becomes really sad, because there is a luxurious a cartoon, and we, alas, something vague and not always perceived.

But to discern what is on the screen where it is possible, and the rest – trifles. Yes and in the description-that, in fact, this game does not need, as in any assessments. This is one of the pillars of the arcade genre, a real diamond classic play in which just have every fan of the old arcade games.

Play your all-time favorite Paperboy free on your browser here.



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