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Operation Frog

With many different features and various levels, Operation Frog released in 1992 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Educational game and online now.

Operation Frog description

To start this description with is that its ten points, this "game", of course, will have – at least for the fact that at this time, we do something similar to what did before or after, but recommendations play it will not.

Operation Frog is, in fact, not even quite the game, and simulator preparation and subsequent "recovery" of the frog (hope initially dead). Before the start of the game you need to choose the gender of a frog to study, and then, armed with magnifying glass, scissors, scalpel and tweezers, you will need to "fill" an empty body frog, its internal organs, placing each in the correct place. Moreover, for each instrument and is given on a large number of reference information in the form of text, and often – even with diagrams and detailed graphical description of its structure.

And all this is done in a very beautiful hand-drawn palette and generally looks good. But the study is thus the structure of frogs – fun, to put it mildly, highly questionable. Therefore, to play or not – to solve only to you. For those interested in the biology of children, probably, will be interesting.

Do you want to play Operation Frog online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Operation Frog online.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Operation Frog

Educational, Simulation
Hi-Tech Expressions, Inc.
Interactive Picture Systems Inc.