Nomad cover
Nomad game front cover


Play online, the famous Nomad, a Action game, published by Intense! Interactive, Inc. in the year 1993.

Nomad description

Epic mix of up galaxies, neoquest and postitnoteguy, more reminiscent of a mix of Elite and Star Control.

On Earth crashed alien ship, and from the debris of humanity manages to isolate the right technology to create your own kosmoflota, in order to finally leave their hearth and home. Left... and then found out that the entire galaxy in danger in the face of a sinister alien podterebkov, - and then - you know...

Basic elements of the game standard - flights in space, trade, diplomacy, skirmishes. Space battles rather primitively organized, but the sales activities are done quite competently: if you can shortchange a customer or to be processed itself (e.g., to sell you something unnecessary for wild money and you fall for it - however, if you have skill you can do the same with someone else!) - so the game failed.

Hang it postinfective dialog system, an insane amount of alien races (each of which relies a portrait for dialog mode to look them in their eyes inoplanetnye) and get a fairly good game for those who for any reason are not satisfied with classics of the genre from tov. Bella and comrade. The brabo or from tov. Roberts.

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