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Monuments of Mars, The

In 1991, a DOS game was released by Scenerio Software. The game was called Monuments of Mars, The and belongs to Action genre. Play it online by clicking here.

Monuments of Mars, The description

Ideological continuation of the band Pharaoh's Tomb/Arctic Adventure – but only ideological, because it is made on the same engine and General game style is similar, the main hero is another. The action takes place in the future, in Martian caves, your hero – a rescuer, sent in search of the lost expedition of astronauts who might have been captured by Martians.

Overall gameplay is similar to the first two games: not very many enemies, but decent traps, as weapons, this time a laser gun, which you have to gather ammunition to advance on the game you need collect the keys in some levels you need to press buttons or levers (or shoot them). Role bonuses now sing the letters and figures of triangles (weird, but what can you do). Enemies only two species of aliens and robots.

Graphically, the game looks perhaps worse than the first two, at least, looks, in contrast, some blurred, although it was generally good. To play, alas, is not so interesting, challenging puzzles to pass each screen will be gone, so although the tradition is not broken – the same eighty levels, but to pass the Monuments of Mars can be much faster than the first two. Therefore, the evaluation of this time is much lower, and the recommendation – only the biggest fans of the genre.

Play your all-time favorite Monuments of Mars, The free on your browser here.


Monuments of Mars, The

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