Micro Machines Title screen
Title screen

Micro Machines

Talented and creative developer The Codemasters Software Company Limited released Micro Machines in the year 1994. The game was new, challenging and very engaging. Play it again online here.

Micro Machines description

Passion — passion that subjects, mostly adults. Horse racing, competition car, and with the invention of the car racers of all stripes and qualifications boarded a rumbling and metal sheathed "cheetahs". There were systems, however, drivers have to fight against time and each other with mud on roads, with snow storms and the most speed. Spectators cheer for your favorite athletes, survive bet. To the sport have not looked great fighting spirit with their own achievements, each victory paid for by agreement, every defeat oplachivaetsya for lost funds. When primitive sports have developed into a modern journalism and the way to earn a living, the young world of computer games is embodied not only extraordinary, but also the most incredible fantasy society.

In parallel with the serious "male" cars and challenging tracks on the stage of game development began to appear arcade projects seeking to attract players, not ultra realistic action, and simple gameplay, which, however, contains a bare minimum of uniqueness. Mikromashinki is one such "fun". It does not require the player to mental or physical effort, but somehow inexplicably drawn into their world of warm colors, ease and good mood. Racing arcade in which there are no restrictions stopwatch and invisible barriers on the track. On the one hand, the realism in the game tends to zero, but on the possibility to drive a microscopic car on the edge of the billiard table or on the floor among the scattered nails and screws, realism of behavior, and interactivity of the environment in the Micro Machines fantastic for 1994.

Cool Spider, a fat good-natured Walter, cross-eyed Mike, a friend of Annie and Joel, cunning Vietnamese Chen, dilly Dane, gorgeous cherry and with them another couple of contenders for three spots in the race for the mikromashinok. They are the children and teenagers gathered together in order to resolve the dispute in a fair fight 1v1 or 1х1х1х1. The second option is to leave all three opponents behind, but each of them strives to become a leader. Fight 1v1 more loyal to the player — it does not even have to beat the opponent in all three sets — enough away from opponents at a decent distance several times and not allow them to do the same. But these guys never lose heart, even if knocked out of the game, and in their place stand the other participants. The leader gets the glory, applause and a new model of the little micro-car. The winner adds the acquired trophies in the trunk, subsequently selecting for a specific route need a car. The road will fit the large wheels of the tractor, the sand is nice frisky buggy in the garden along a paved path, it is better to drive on microbreak "Formula 1" and to the school for desks, rulers and textbooks, take a passenger car. In exceptional cases competitions can take part even tiny helicopters and boats.

The game Micro Machines is probably the best cure of all — boredom, fatigue, depression and other mental moaning go away.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Micro Machines online? And the best part, it is for free!

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com