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Mickey’s Runaway Zoo

With many different features and various levels, Mickey's Runaway Zoo released in 1991 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Educational game and online now.

Mickey’s Runaway Zoo description

In the fantastic world of Disney there was a lot of trouble – escaped from the zoo all the animals! Poor goofy, having lost all hope, asked for help from best friend, Mickey mouse, with his help (and yours, of course) to find and send the animals back to their cages. The only thing known to our heroes, is the number of each species, and this greatly facilitates the task.

So, friends go in search of and carefully eyeing every detail, some items are very similar to the numbers! At such moments, the viewer is little need to closely monitor what is happening: as soon as goofy and Mickey notice the figure, the player must find it on the keyboard and press – exactly the right number of animals (corresponding to the selected number, of course) will be able to go back to the zoo! Some numbers do not immediately possible to distinguish, they are embedded in bright environment is a great way to test the attentiveness of the child.

We have to admit that Mickey's Runaway Zoo – a game from the category of sports. And the graphics are good and animation is pleasing, and the characters are so familiar long ago that the family became... the Main minus – too long game. Seven frogs are monotone for queue jump to destination, and speed is not possible. For a child such waiting would be boring, even if it is to score animals. But, to paraphrase the classics, say: games are different needs, different game important. Let the search for animals will not become the jewel of your collection, but will appreciate its existence fans of all disney and oldhamers.

Do you want to play Mickey’s Runaway Zoo online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Mickey’s Runaway Zoo online.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Mickey’s Runaway Zoo

Educational, Puzzle
Walt Disney Computer Software, Inc.
Westwood Associates