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Mickey’s 123’s: The Big Surprise Party

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Mickey’s 123’s: The Big Surprise Party description

Perhaps the most primitive of all children's educational games featuring disney character Mickey mouse in the title role, aired in the second half of 80-ies and early 90-ies of XX century. As you can easily guess from the title, it is devoted to the basics of arithmetic, namely, counting from 1 to 9. What is happening on the screen is extremely difficult to call a game in the usual sense of the word - much better to be consumed widespread in the West, the term "activity".

Mickey mouse decided to throw a party, inviting their friends (all of them - also the disney characters of varying degrees of fame), and for the organization of the festival he first needs to visit three places: the toy factory (to make gifts), Department store (to buy different types of food for treats and balloons) and mails (to send invitation to guests). The "player" (alas, the quotation marks are appropriate) will be constantly "chase" figures. So, by default, each of the three locations, after selecting it, you can go on foot, but if you press buttons with numbers, their names will be sounded, and Mickey will go on any vehicle that appears from the unicycle up to a scary army of an SUV with the ninth wheel in the "spare tire".

The same traps us in the facilities visited. At the toy factory stairs you have to climb to get boxes for gifts, has nine steps of these boxes on the back nine, and the number of stages of production of each toy is also equal to this figure. In the store you can buy (or rather, in fact take a "no strings attached") a hamburger, French fries, berries, milk cartons and balloons, just... right, nine pieces; the output is the cashier with the dog goofy (the character cartoons), and the right choice of material bags for packaging of purchased food (!!!), but, most likely, it has no effect. But on arrival in the mail will have to select a specific ordinal number of guests (from 1 to 9, Yes) - and wait until the animation of the delivery of his letter to the house postal truck; however, to invite all those not necessarily formally sufficient in General, only one visitor.

After each of the three locations visited, access to the party; interestingly, gifts there is some reason not given, and our only real mission is to give each of nine specific amount of food (preferably all on one piece of each product); you can, however, still have to put the balls on the decoration of the house. Then apparently, after eating the visitors leave, previously danced with Mickey, and we at this time again is called the ordinal number of the character between the one and nine. Ends with the mouse falling asleep in the chair at the center of his living room.

Lose this is impossible in any way, and more - are required to "pass" (alas, again the quotes are not just so), apparently, is the only formal visits to all three buildings and sending at least one letter, neither the creation of toys or overstock products and beads is not critical, as there will be nothing wrong and that someone from the hotel will get less food than others, or not get it at all.

Graphics, of course, is praised, but like all the disney games of the time, drawn and performed at a sufficiently high level; special animation effects, however, is not observed. Present and voice, but here it is rather annoying. But a far greater outrage is the fact that everything that happens to a large extent reminiscent of a cartoon has limited interactive capabilities for either very young, or, sorry, a little underdeveloped children. "In our time" learning the basics of the account was much faster than lasts all this confusion - and, ironically, much more interesting. It is therefore recommended only as a collectible (good that it managed to find a complete set of documentation).

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Mickey’s 123’s: The Big Surprise Party

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