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Merlin Challenge

The famous developer General Admission Software developed a Simulation game called Merlin Challenge in 1993. You can play this 1st-person perspective game online now.

Merlin Challenge description

Very unusual helicopter simulator of the British Navy, which is a not even a complete game, but rather a "virtual trainer".

The fact that the game has no missions, battles and even any full-fledged action (despite the fact that you manned helicopter – military). Your task is simply to land the helicopter on the deck of an aircraft carrier. And that's all.

The choice has several levels of difficulty – it depends on whether the carrier is moving, whether the wind is blowing and whether there are others around the helicopter, complicating the landing. The game is first person, after landing (if successful) will show the entire helicopter from the third person. Graphics almost three-dimensional and very beautiful, although look especially nothing – the sea, the aircraft carrier, helicopters. To go nowhere, to do (except landing) is also nothing.

Although generally very original, sometimes very complex and somehow very addicting game.

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Merlin Challenge

General Admission Software
Digital Integration Ltd.
1st-person, 3rd-person (Other)