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Mega Man X

In 1995, a DOS game was released by Capcom Co., Ltd.. The game was called Mega Man X and belongs to Action genre. Play it online by clicking here.

Mega Man X description

The events of the Mega Man X series takes place 100 years later since the original game. The genius Dr. light, who created the first humanoid robot, is long dead, but left the world his greatest work – Android X, who had limitless potential and the ability to think and act independently. At the time of testing was concluded in a capsule and remained there for a century, until it was discovered by Dr. Cain, who dealt with the study of the works of light. X fully met expectations and was, in fact, the first reploids (replicant android), ie a robot with real artificial intelligence. Inspired by this discovery, Cain tried to copy the model X and create a whole class of such robots. First, the experiment was successful, but all the plans of doctor collapsed when reploid started to go crazy from the effects of hitherto unknown virus. The result of the madness was unbridled aggression to the entire human race. People's existence was threatened, but X, who had immunity to the virus, has made it his mission to protect the world from danger. Joining a special unit of Maverick Hunters, he, along with his mentor reploid zero began to hunt for crazed robots everywhere, only where needed his help.

The plot of the entire series Mega Man X is full of drama and often focuses the player's attention on the inner struggle of the heroes against the backdrop of the catastrophic events. However, the game completely took over an amazingly addictive and very active gameplay of the original parts, which never allows the player to relax, forcing you to act quickly and carefully and never get bored due to many original findings developers. As before, you are free to choose the order of passage of the main missions, of which there are eight, and from decisions taken subsequent task can become much easier and provide you with great bonuses. For instance, after defeating each boss, Mega man X receives a new weapon that most effectively works against another robot boss. In addition, successful completion of one mission in some cases opens a secret location to another, so each will probably have to replay several times. Of course, in order to meet the final boss, to visit all the caches is not required, but please note that, in addition to large reserves of health and energy, in the secret room you will find modifications for armor, and it already has a significant impact on the gameplay in General. Then you and the ability to quickly glide over short distances and reduce the damage in half, and improved Blaster, add all (!) weapons alternate fire mode...

In the best traditions of the original series, the passage of the first eight missions of the game does not end. On the contrary, the most difficult test – the fortress of the main villain and leader of mad reploid Sigma – ahead. That's where you'll need maximum concentration on the task – Sigma was not joking, and battle lie ahead particularly difficult.

High interest in the game is also supported by the uniqueness and beauty of the bright locations in which we, together with X fighting hordes of enemies, and the music is memorable, lively, always bringing listening pleasure. In summary – the fan of arcades just can't be the reason not to try this spectacular and dynamic game. Adventure is waiting for its hero, so hurry – because your actions affect the future of humanity.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Mega Man X online? And the best part, it is for free!


Mega Man X

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Arcade, Platform, Shooter