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Marble Madness

A Bird's-eye view perspective game called Marble Madness was released by Electronic Arts, Inc. in the year 1987. Play it online now.

Marble Madness description

Marble Madness - one of the most popular arcade games of 1980-ies. This can speak to the fact that it was published on all the consoles and computers of that time, of which there are nearly two dozen.

What is special about the gameplay? We have a simple task: to hold the ball from start to finish. The reality is much more complicated: the surface is uneven and consists of various mounds, grooves, narrow corridors and other obstacles. The game space is represented in isometric projection, and the ball can move in any direction. In addition to uneven terrain, we will stop and enemies, such as another ball, trying to push us into the abyss, or sucking tubes.

The number of lives forever, and the ball in the fall returned to the same place. Typically, there are a few alternative ways. The main enemy in the game - the time limit: originally the passage of each level is given 60 seconds. If you pass the previous phase quickly enough, we will give you additional seconds to the next. The game keeps records of points, and you can get bonus points for successful actions, for example, for shooting down enemy ball or remaining after a victorious finish time. In Marble Madness has a mode for two players in which to finish a level, you need to bring to the target, both balls.

The game is actually very short, just six stages, and defeat her within a few minutes. To operate the keyboard is quite difficult, and since the preservation is not provided, then the passage takes a lot of time and takes a lot of nerves.

In Marble Madness CGA-palette, and that it loses its console counterparts. Each level has its own sounds kind of melody, all of touch and falling accompanied by sounds.

Recommended to fans of challenging arcades, which do not require much reflection. Successfully having mastered control, you can take credit for another completed game.

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Marble Madness

Action, Puzzle
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Atari, Inc.
Bird's-eye view