Man of War

Man of War description

Not particularly complex pseudo-naval strategy, combining turn-based and real-time elements.

Before the game, you can choose any historical campaign or create your own script. At the beginning of the actual game first evaluated the composition of our and enemy fleets here, you can (and should) give the initial orders to do the fighting – in other words, make your move. Then starts the battle, and this is much more interesting.

The fact that Man of War was the first in the subgenre has been applied to the reception observing the battle from the first person – from "the bridge". Stay on it lasts four minutes – that's how long the combat phase, and then again comes someone from the players time to make the next move. During these four minutes, we can relatively freely move around the battlefield (for example, to choose what ship you want to observe the battle, and any time the ship overview, you can change) and I must say it seems the battle in this perspective just fine. Around the fall, cannonballs, sails creaking, raging flames – and we can only stand, watch, and assess whether our orders right...

Battles are usually short. The winner of the final statistics (who is more enemy ships sunk and damaged – and he won). The campaign is actually the same as a series of small skirmishes, and for truly large-scale naval battles do not have to wait (a time limit to exit the game). Graphics, by the way, for year very wonderful. And as mentioned in the beginning of "simplicity" - so it is that in terms of management, but did not pass.

Lovers of marine tactical strategy to look at is clear – in the end, these games never had a lot.

Have you ever wondered what kind of video games were played in the good old days? Try playing Man of War online now and we are sure you will not stop playing again.


Man of War

Virgin Interactive Entertainment, Inc.
Strategy First, Inc.
1st-person, Top-down