Mad Mix screenshot #1
Screenshot #1

Mad Mix

Mad Mix is a Arcade game released by Topo Soft in 1988. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

Mad Mix description

The first part of a great arcade novels, at first glance – "a clone of" Pac-Man', just with a more charismatic hero. At each level, we are in the maze, which must pass, collecting bonuses and avoiding attacking and haunting us ghosts.

However, the game has interesting features. For example, on some levels, we can develop or Hippo that will allow you to fight with enemies, or vacuum cleaner to "suck" that they produced in us shells, or even in a space ship/tank that can shoot enemies from a distance (but always from a fixed position). Some potential paths in the maze are blocked, so often there is only one way to pass. No plot or end of the game there is a fun entertainment infinite (more precisely, the last level is, of course, but after it we return to the first, and so on, ad infinitum).

About the graphics makes no sense to say a top view, only 2D, the picture is colored, but slightly better than Pac-Man (although real fans does not need anything more). So nothing is really unique here, but as a pleasant entertainment in the spirit of the absolute classic is more than suitable.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Mad Mix online for free here.


Mad Mix

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