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M1 Tank Platoon

With many different features and various levels, M1 Tank Platoon released in 1989 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Simulation game and online now.

M1 Tank Platoon description

Old simulator tank, privy to the plot plan of a hypothetical conflict between NATO and the Warsaw Pact (the Warsaw Pact, if anyone forgot). For which of the two blocks we play – guess (choice of unit is not, sadly).

We manage a platoon of four tanks, directly (at a specific point in time) we can only control some one, more – to complete one of three options (either the driver or gunner or commander). When you control the tank in any case, in the first person. There is also the possibility to switch to the tactical map where you can give orders to other tanks. The crews of the tanks there are minor characteristics that are increased in the case of the won battles.

Map of hostilities divided by area (of course, rather schematic and conventional). Each area corresponds to a specific mission, in this area there is always the "blue base" (our "headquarters") and "red base" ("headquarters" of the enemy). The nature of missions in General can vary: sometimes we need to destroy the enemy base (as a result), sometimes to protect, sometimes the mission really is generally not associated with the base, or rather related, but the original purpose of the mission is not tied to the database. Sometimes there are even special missions to "escort" any other types of troops.

The concept of "loss of mission" in the game is conditional – at least as applied to offensive missions. Even if the mission objectives were not met, the next mission will still start, but her character will be in any way defensive. Whereas if you win, it may be renewed offensive. It is also necessary to note the constantly increasing difficulty of the game – each mission regardless of its nature much harder than the previous one; this is because the deeper you penetrate into enemy territory and face more powerful opposition. The same thing, actually, and in case of failure – if you start to lose from the very beginning (when we are fighting mostly with the guards), the enemies will understand our mediocrity and weakness and begin a massive offensive with powerful armies. In any case, to complete winning or losing campaign is given somewhere around ten missions.

Also it is necessary to stop on the available pieces of equipment – the fact that some large-scale missions, your forces will not be limited to only four tanks and you will get the opportunity to command (and control personally!) a number of ground combat vehicles (also with a first-person tanks at this time will be under AI control). Aircraft also sometimes you can call for help and even to command her, but to personally manage – impossible. Similarly, you cannot manage and infantry units – they usually only need to cover.

The first person presented in the game, it was considered largely a revolutionary breakthrough for its time. It is clear that the review was fairly limited (because we look "from the tank"), but even what we can see, capable of hitting very, very much – at least that all objects in the game (such as terrain and buildings and opponents) polygon! So if someone would confuse "greed" of the graphics in the tactical map mode (which, in fact, and cannot be, and drawn, by the way, very clear), then to graphics mode combat no complaints (especially considering the year of release) simply can not be.

Verdict – complex and clever "strategic" simulator tank, so only for fans of the genre.

Do you want to relive your memories and play M1 Tank Platoon online in your browser? Play it now for free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com