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Kingsoft GmbH developed a DOS game in the year 1992 called Locomotion. In the video game ranking, this game ruled the charts for a very long time. You can now play it again online by clicking here.

Locomotion description

In fact, one of the options Shortline, though still quite far removed from its progenitor (we have to admit that in many respects for the better).

Locomotion is a hybrid of arcade and puzzle. The game is on top, in front of us – a very tortuous and complicated rail network with many stations. From each station at an arbitrary moment of time the train starts that has a specific route. Our task is to help him get to this station in terms of time constraints. This is done by translating the arrows on the crossroads of Railways; if the arrow is generally not moved, the train stops and waits for you to translate; but if you put her in the wrong direction and the train has not reached to the desired station, then it just stops, but then turns around and continues on his way. Well, if two trains collide, then you are given a decent number of penalty points. There are multiple difficulty levels, although even on the easy to play not so easy, there is a map editor allowing you to create your own railroad.

So what we have: the simultaneous administration of specific routes from a variety of trains in conditions of severe time limit and non-collisions. In other words – a great way to get rid of excess a couple of billions of nerve cells (if any), because it is more dynamic and strenuous games are very rare.

The graphics in the puzzle of this sort is not assessed, of course (although I must admit, she's excellent here), the decision to make again hard. This game is for a fairly narrow category of players: as a light evening rest, of course, cannot be used, but not intended for long development, because the difficult thing here is not the form, and the implementation process. But the truly hardcore fans of entertainment will be a real delight. Also, the game will appeal to fans of sophisticated bloodless revenge – where else can you create using the editor zaputannye railroad, and then invite offended you with something a friend and offer him to play?..

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