Liverpool: The Computer Game

Do you want to relive your good old memories? Play Liverpool: The Computer Game again, it’s a perfect DOS game launched in 1992 and a must-play for all video game lovers.

Liverpool: The Computer Game description

The only thing, in my opinion, the football game of the early 90s who could compete for the title of "best" with the first two games of the series Manchester United. Unfortunately, this particular game had no success, the series failed, and this game is forgotten, but it is amazing: that does not change. As the name implies, to play us here have for English club Liverpool.

The beginning of the standard: select the type of game (training, a friendly match, just one match, the season, the championship), formed from available players on a specific team meeting (you don't have choices, of course), choose a tactical scheme, then we're already starting the game itself. You can control all the players (although the degree of control a player it's not very high) at a particular point in time in control of that, now who has the ball. An interesting point is that when we do a pass or control the ball, control automatically switches to that player's team who is now closest to the ball (even if he can't it hit in any way), it is not always convenient.

The matches themselves are sufficiently detailed, although realism Manchester United here, of course, far. Management actually is not, but feel to his team as a closer than there are in Liverpool, you can watch digitized player photos, read a detailed dossier on them... the Standard features (power, speed, aggressiveness, skill, etc.) too, but in practice they are not always felt.

Liverpool really wonderful – so is the graphics. The prospect of a review here is the same as in MU (that is, isometric slightly to the side), but the rendering of player models much better (though they are all very similar to each other, but still looks beautiful), to play nice. As mentioned in the beginning of the review – Liverpool could compete with MU and poteralsa, but did not work (and real rivalry between the teams of those times, and in the world of computer games). However, this game is in any case does not deserve the oblivion and can be recommended to all fans of good football simulation.

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Liverpool: The Computer Game

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