Liberty or Death Patrick at his finest
Patrick at his finest

Liberty or Death

Do you want to relive your good old memories? Play Liberty or Death again, it’s a perfect DOS game launched in 1993 and a must-play for all video game lovers.

Liberty or Death description

Historical turn-based strategy with RPG elements devoted to the War of Independence of the United States in the years 1776-1783.

About the plot to say much is not: all events – continental Congress, Boston tea party and others – are studied in the high school course. You can choose either side of the conflict (the Americans or the British), and one of the three commanders of the armies (of course, they are all real historical figures of that time).

Gameplay, as mentioned, is a turn-based strategy, and pretty common: "we walk, they walk." However, somewhat unusual that its resources, we really then and there that we (who would play) just (mostly) ask everyone money: who supports our policy – the us money and give. The money spent on salary soldiers, recruiting new volunteers and building new ships. There is no economy.

Battles mostly take place on land, but if you manage to build a good fleet battle, it will be possible to fight at sea, not only to fight but to capture foreign merchant ships, plundering them (ie getting extra money).

The game also has four "non-player" factions: America sympathizers, sympathizers of England (both are on the American continent; if you play for the Americans, it is first necessary to attract the second to destroy, if for England it's the opposite), France and Spain (these two can become allies of the winning side towards the end of the game). Actually units is not enough: all four types of ground (infantry, guerrilla, cavalry, artillery), and two types of marine vessels.

About the schedule and say no: after all, the whole game is actually just a simulation map of the Eastern coast of North America with little animated screens still rarely show. Overall – not bad, although, of course, the game is suitable first and foremost fans of the old turn-based strategy. Perhaps this is also a great option for those who want to learn wargame, for the common lot, and the interface and gameplay extreme difficulty no different.

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Liberty or Death

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