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Laser Squad

In 1992, a DOS game was released by Target Games Limited. The game was called Laser Squad and belongs to Strategy/Tactics genre. Play it online by clicking here.

Laser Squad description

The first game from the brothers Holopov for PC. In fact, not even the first game as such, but the first port their games to PC, made by a third party company Krisalis... Who are brothers Gallopy? Have you not played X-COM? So, they came up with it all...

Genre, in principle, the same tactics. There are no strategic points, there are only five missions with fixed maps, terms of the game and weapons... This game is a Paradise for lovers of clean tactics (or a fun Hot-Seat excitement - you can play for two! However, only against each other).

In principle, all five missions are linked by the similarity of the plot (the proud rebels chopped for the truth with the evil Corporation Marsack), but any of them can be choose from the beginning, so that the plot can safely be ignored.

For each mission determined by hand (generally, Player 1 = Rebels, Player 2 = Villains (at first a Corporation, but then Robots, space Creatures, et cetera)) and the available weapons to them, as well as a set of "points" given to each side for the purchase of equipment. The weapons are diverse, but a bit annoying TO the inability of the mission to see the skills and stats of the fighters - because of this we have to give them clothes "blind". Can also irritate the zero sprite animation soldier (you know, like painted death? He twisted around its axis with a dramatic squeal, and immediately formed) and the need to remember which cartridges belong to the hell cannon, if each uses their own.

Verdict: Good idea, poor implementation. Fans of flawless games have nothing to do here, fans of X-COM to complain about the lack of can not remember (but will enjoy a degree of destructible levels) and their eternal "Globe", all other General wagged his finger at his temple and go on...

However, it is highly recommended to anyone who wants to know what was the beginning of the legend teams Mythos Games and where are the roots of X-COM.

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Laser Squad

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