Larn The title / intro screen
The title / intro screen


Play online, the famous Larn, a Role-Playing (RPG) game, published by Kevin Routley in the year 1986.

Larn description

Before you come with Unix systems today, almost lingering in the memory of contemporaries. Why did it happen? There are several reasons. First, to 1986-th year, there was already a lot of clones and imitators of the famous Rogue, so players had to choose from, especially for DOS games. And this choice will not fall on the Larn. The reason for that - vague plot complication, is small (relative to other representatives of the genre) duration and a number of other points. Secondly, the game simply did not have advertising and information support. But let's look at Larn with hindsight.

In the story, the player goes in search of medicine for cases of the deadly illness of his daughter. The health of patients is deteriorating, so time is limited (this is due to the fact that the desire and ability game can be successfully completed in a day). The only hope for salvation - a magical elixir that is hidden somewhere deep inside the dungeons of Larne.

The gameplay itself is very similar to other rogue-like game: lots of skills, weapons and equipment, and the like in a widespread reign of text and ASCII. If you already understand what I'm saying, you will find this game a pleasant nostalgic fun. If not, then better start your acquaintance with the sub-genre with another game, because despite its short duration, Larn unfriendly to newcomers.

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Role-Playing (RPG)
Kevin Routley