Jetset On the runway.
On the runway.


With many different features and various levels, Jetset released in 1982 hit the right chords right from the beginning. Play this excellent Simulation game and online now.

Jetset description

Game Jetset is realistic (the publisher claims) simulator of a Boeing 747. In accordance with the technical possibilities of those times the schedule is made in the form of ASCII. The very same game, like some others at that time, written in the language "basic".

The gameplay is the control plane first-person observation of all multiple sensors and attempts to break away from the runway. The surrounding landscapes in a realistic measure, considering the execution thereof in the drawing.

Available fuel level sensors, frequency, load, gained height and height above ocean level, the strength and direction of the wind, the compass, vertical speed, situations with low-frequency oscillations of the flap position, landing gear and distance, current time and much more. Can't judge the degree of realism, but about complexity may be something to report: the game is not easy!

Probably, if even a little versed in aviation would recommend it only if you expect to enroll in educational institutions associated with aviation - so they can kind of assume what may have to deal with, - as hardly anyone else will like it.

Additional information. According to one version, released in 1980, and in 1982 the source code of the game was published in the magazine "Byte". On the other - released in the same 1980 based on the source code published in the same journal in 1979.

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Eugene Szymanski
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