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Jetfighter: The Adventure

Velocity Inc. released a DOS game named Jetfighter: The Adventure in the year 1988. If you are interested in playing this Vehicular Combat Simulator online, then click here.

Jetfighter: The Adventure description

The simulator, which I have to say, not quite justifies its name, as there is no "adventure" will not be here; the first part of the series, which subsequently became for a short time famous in narrow circles. However, the story in the style of alternative history is present: in the late 80-ies of the Soviet troops invaded the US and you as a military pilot involved in the defense of his native country (I think, explain that you are playing for the Americans, it is not necessary). Most of the action will occur in southern California, near San Francisco.

Manage the game will provide three military aircraft: F/A-18, F-14 and F-16. Mission variety – from patrol and interception of cruise missiles to bomb the enemy bases and dogfighting with the enemy. Depending on the choice of the aircraft mission can be held above the ground and above the water space; in the latter case, to take off and land will have on an aircraft carrier. It should be noted that the game is a real simulator, so even taking off and landing, not to mention the management, there will be quite severe for the development.

The graphics in the game, and especially for the simulator, very beautiful when flying over the city "visible" even many of his real objects (serving as landmarks), and just the planes and the landscapes performed quite well. The game supports the view like from the cockpit and third person. All fans of the old flight simulators – strongly recommended (despite the plot).

PS: This game is actually a PC remake of the flight simulator for the Amiga called F/A-18 Interceptor, but with the extra missions and the ability to fly on the F-14.

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Jetfighter: The Adventure

Velocity Inc.
Velocity Inc.
1st-person, 3rd-person (Other)
Vehicular Combat Simulator