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Iron Cross

Click here, to play the famous game Iron Cross developed by New World Computing, Inc. in the year 1994 and enjoy! Remember do not get nostalgic!

Iron Cross description

Very rare game is difficult and uncertain genre which is a mixture of turn-based wargame, real time strategy and RPG.

The action takes place in France during the Second world war, you are invited to create your character (!) and select one of the game scenarios, and you can play for the Nazis or the French Resistance. And then - the mission for the chosen scenario and set "points" to get a new title (and if the mission is not performed, you can rank and lower), which affects the number of units that you are allowed to manage.

The game is definitely interesting and undeservedly forgotten, graphically beautiful, if not "screen actions" (graphics for the most part are sketchy), then at least a superb animated and photographic inserts during the selection of scenarios (but there are editor these scenarios, and of great historical comments on each of them!), but understand it is quite difficult.

"Hardcore oldgamer" - recommended.

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Iron Cross

New World Computing, Inc.
New World Computing, Inc.