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Indianapolis 500: The Simulation

The famous developer Papyrus Design Group, Inc. created Indianapolis 500: The Simulation in the year 1989. It’s a perfect Racing / Driving game and can be played online by clicking here.

Indianapolis 500: The Simulation description

You should start with the fact that the Indianapolis 500: The Simulation - the founder of computer racing IndyCar - series.

The first game covering the famous and very popular Indy racing class. Moreover, this game is one of the first racing games that use 3D graphics engine.

You, like any proper simulator, free to choose (the choice offered March, Lola and Penske). The choice of command depends on the choice of the car: Cosworth, Buick and Chevrolet, respectively. When you have selected your team (and therefore car), you'll be able to try out the car mode Practiсe. This mode is a test race designed to demonstrate the behavior of the car on the track, its strengths and weaknesses. Testing machine, you can make it by some technical manipulations: to determine the stiffness of the suspension, to adjust the alignment of the axes, adjust the amount of fuel in the tank and make some other settings. When this stage is finished, you can safely jump to Qualify. This mode is a qualifying round before the main race. Here your task is to show the best possible time to take a more advantageous starting position for the race. When a qualification is successfully completed, you can proceed to the main Race mode. Here you just have to fight with the opponents. Rivals extremely slippery to catch up and overtake your car for them is easy, so you should carefully follow the track, pass it in the most favorable trajectories and not to forget the rear view mirror. Meanwhile, the often troublesome for the racers outsiders, which seems to be asking for an accident. With due diligence you will learn to cope with the local Asa 10 to 15 laps (number of laps and the difficulty level can be set manually from 10 to 200), after which they can confidently move on to more difficult level: more laps, long track and have the opportunity to break the car before reaching the finish line.

Overall Indianapolis 500: The Simulation leaves a good impression even years later. This game has everything you need rider-lover of sports cars and the ability to customize them to your liking, modern (at the time) graphics, good AI opponents and, of course, speed...

Play your all-time favorite Indianapolis 500: The Simulation free on your browser here.


Indianapolis 500: The Simulation

Racing / Driving, Simulation
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Papyrus Design Group, Inc.
Vehicle Simulator