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Incunabula description

Interesting historical strategy, dedicated almost unique for games theme – formation and development of a particular nation, which must pass on its way four phases: a tribe of primitive people, the clan, the nation and the great Empire of antiquity. The game allows you to play not only alone, but six of them on one computer; the minimum number of players to three, while at least one always needs to be a computer.

Of course, between the future Nations during their meetings these or other possible contacts: it can be both war and trade or the conclusion of a temporary Alliance. In addition to wars, the emerging Nations will have to face many dangers and disasters that could easily destroy them: earthquakes, droughts, famines, epidemics, civil war and so on. The game allows you to build cities, grow crops, extract minerals, create armies and navies, trade, explore the world, and despite the fact that we don't see in a visual sense, senses the real miracle is in no way subtract.

But that's not all – because the interesting features of the game mass. For example, in the beginning you will need to choose the future type of government: theocracy, oligarchy, utopia or khanate (types, of course, conditional, but nonetheless), and this choice will then depend very much – as the probability of those or other disasters, and the possibility to create a particular army and to establish a certain production. The khanate is a nomadic Horde actually, so the rules of the game when this type is much different from the other three. Another interesting point is the inconsistency of the commands that you and the other players give, so if you and your opponent at the same time gave the order about a particular action, the sooner will only run one of them, but whose is unknown.

In addition to the main campaign, the game allows you to play two short scenarios: the first is "Absolute power" - only allow to build cities, armies, fleets and trade; the winner is the player who wins the other battles (the role of trade is small), the second – "Traders" - allows players only to trade with each other, no fighting it not; the winner is the one who first gets a thousand so-called "trade wins".

Pro schedule is to say only that she's here, you can see some vague kind of maps. AI opponents are not too strong, but for its time still is quite level; but the interface of the game is quite difficult and based on text you enter certain commands, which is why this great game can be recommended only to true oldhamers.

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Simulation, Strategy/Tactics
The Avalon Hill Game Company
Microcomputer Games, Inc.