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I, Damiano – Wizard of Partestrada

Play I, Damiano - Wizard of Partestrada, a very interesting Adventure game, developed by Bantam Software in the year 1995 online on your browser right now.

I, Damiano – Wizard of Partestrada description

A text adventure with graphics, based on the fantasy novel writer Roberta Macavoy is virtually unknown in our area. The plot, apparently, at least partially corresponds to the original source.

The action takes place in a world reminiscent of the Italy of the early Renaissance (i.e. the XIII-XIV centuries), but in the Christian-fantasy setting, with wizards, angels and demons. The protagonist, young magician Damiano, becomes in some sense a "victim" of a dispute between Heaven and Hell: Lucifer (namely conversation with him and standing next to angels and demons, including the Archangel Raphael, whom Lucifer - in the game world and his brother and arguing) reports that the hands of the brutal warlord Pardo intends to drown Protestado, your hometown, in the blood, but the madman can be stopped if you find the sacred stone, containing the secret of eternal life; however, this would be in any case very difficult, but in reality - is impossible without the assistance of supernatural forces. The point of the bet, as far as could understand, it came down to what forces will resort Damiano and what he eventually will serve as the MAG - Good or Evil. Along with him will go infinitely loyal to the master, a talking dog. In this world, it absolutely looks amazing.

In fact, the game has two unusual moment, the rest of it is quite traditional IF, which is the basis for entering text commands with a keyboard. It is important to note that the set of words recognizable by her small, and the team cannot be more than two words (usually the action verb and noun). The text, which occupies most of the screen, relative to describe in detail what is happening and, most importantly, written really exciting, although to call I, Damiano fully interactive literature, perhaps, still impossible.

With regard to interestingness, then, first, the graphics here, though it is represented quite small and not too (to be honest) beautiful CGA-picture (albeit atmospheric because of the unusual style of drawing), sometimes diluted with a little animation for text quests those times was very unusual. And secondly, in the Central part of the screen permanently displays two-tone stripe, the edges of which are written the words "Good" and "Bad". It is a kind of ultimate state of your spirit, and as you progress through the game and depending on which of the forces - Good or Evil - you are more likely to seek help will depend on what colors will be painted most of it. The successful outcome of the game is considered "unconverted" Damiano evil. In fact this approach means that many puzzles can be solved in different ways, which increases the interest in the process.

It is clear that by reading the last sentence, experienced players will immediately recognize the "trick": the above-mentioned "measure of state of mind." indeed there's nothing like local analog gaming account, simply expressed - for a change - not in exact figures. Yes, it is true, and the game itself certainly can not be called fascinating or revolutionary, no matter how it tried under such a disguise. However, the atmosphere, the originality (at least some) and complexity (sometimes very real) it contains, and if we add to this the presence of the sound design (also a rarity for text quests) and the aforementioned animation images - you can even give it a fairly high rating. After all, the main objective of any game is to bring the joy of getting acquainted with her, and with this challenge if you like word games, this thing is calling.

Do you want to relive your memories and play I, Damiano – Wizard of Partestrada online in your browser? Play it now for free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

I, Damiano – Wizard of Partestrada

Bantam Software
1st-person, Text-based / Spreadsheet
Interactive Fiction / Text Adventure, Puzzle elements