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Hole-in-One Miniature Golf

Hole-in-One Miniature Golf is a Sports game released by DigiTek Software in 1989. It is an interesting DOS game and a must play for all old videogame lovers.

Hole-in-One Miniature Golf description

Entertaining, though fairly standard mini Golf.

The bottom line: many levels, one or two holes in each one, the task is to hit a ball into this hole; three strokes initially, the penalties for mistakes all three times and hit the ball into the water. It is clear that there is a possibility to configure the starting position of the ball, the direction and force of impact. That is: first, put the ball into pleasing us the position, then how would you "catch" him and checked the line from it to the "control point" (from which the ball then push off to go in the hole) to suit the landscape of the screen – it will be the estimated trajectory of the direction of flight of the ball, but only to the contact with the "control point"; the longer the line the greater the force of hitting the ball. The control is performed only with the mouse.

The game is very long, there are five sequences were eighteen screens-levels in each. The current score is displayed on the middle of each such party (that is, after the passage of nine screens), but in General can be called at any time. It should also be noted that the above sequence has a completely different style of passage "campaigns".

The easiest one is the "training course", where to win is very simple. And "classic" (where everything is a little more complicated, but nothing unusual), "intermediate course" (much more complicated landscape, for example, added more hills), "fantastic course" - even more the complexity of the screens, but through the fantastic design (i.e. different castles, tables for pinball and stuff like Zany Golf), and finally, "difficult course" - for the most experienced players on which the game turns into real hardcore and winning becomes very difficult.

It must be noted also amazingly interesting (especially unexpected) level design and beautiful two-dimensional graphics. However, because it is partly hard to play on the last difficulty level where many obstacles and traps and because of dvumernoi to predict the behavior of the ball is almost impossible (and after all, there are other difficulties – for example, to change the force of gravity on one of the screens). Verdict – good arcade mini Golf, not as beautiful and fun as Zany Golf, but also challenging and fun at the same time.

Do you want to relive your memories and play Hole-in-One Miniature Golf online in your browser? Play it now for free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Hole-in-One Miniature Golf

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