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Heart of China

Talented and creative developer Dynamix, Inc. released Heart of China in the year 1991. The game was new, challenging and very engaging. Play it again online here.

Heart of China description

The 1930-ies. Hong Kong. On the screen appear the first features of the famous doctor of archaeology, but something spoils the picture. Lost the hat, after it evaporates, the whip, the face becomes rough, the hero is lacking in the mind, he shuns the word "gallantry", and that's...

Jake "Lucky" masters, as a veteran of the First world, as well as mediocre clone of Indiana Jones, finds himself in an interesting position, not suitable to his heroic status, – deep in debt. His private airline is in decline, and to help the cause can only wonder. It happens – the pilot appears the employer, interested in his past achievements, and not a rent of the taxi. The daughter of a rich man working as a nurse somewhere in the Outback of China, was kidnapped by local potentates, and the father, of course, wants at all costs to rescue her from captivity. Jake will be paid 200 thousand dollars for the successful rescue of Kate. If he'll make it in time.

A static view of the eye, a minimum of interface on the screen and a lot, a lot of dialogue as the primary means of advancing the plot. This is in brief Heart of China - the second game from Dynamix, built on the same engine as Rise of The Dragon. You can move in different ways, for many tasks there exist several solutions, although enough of them and "wrong", leading straight to the grave of a comrade. Masters. Save in the Heart of China before taking any decision it is the duty of the player.

Puzzles in the game are focused on one of the oldest human occupations – collecting and following up with inventory; special complexity it causes. Difficult it may seem desire Dynamix simulator to remember the past and to include in the game scene drive on a tank - by the way, in full 3D.

After RotD the comic had said "no", however innovative at the time scanning technology to forget no one. So, the game lit up the darkness of the digitized actors, which, although saturated pixels, but smoothly fit into the lovingly rendered backgrounds.

Total: all those who want to travel from Hong Kong to Paris, while dying every kilometer and the power of trained thought calling the boot menu of the game.

Play your favorite childhood game Heart of China online in your browser for free here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Heart of China

Dynamix, Inc.
Dynamix, Inc.
Graphic Adventure, Puzzle elements