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Grand Monster Slam

Grand Monster Slam, a top-notch Action game was developed by Rainbow Arts Software GmbH in the year 1989. This was a very famous and in-demand DOS game. You can play it online here again.

Grand Monster Slam description

Bright, interesting and unusual "sports simulator with monsters" of all that ever came out. While in other games of similar subjects, the monsters played in another variation of Rugby or American football, here the authors went completely the other way and finally gave the monsters the right to identity. No analogues of human games. Only "your", "national" sport. And it's great.

In a certain world called GHoLD every five years, representatives of the various races (and the races there are quite a few, there are quite a humanoid) are going to the championship Grand Monster Slam, to find out which race is the strongest. The championship consists of only three games, but no! To win you need to win nine rounds. To choose to undergo can be any race (and for a confrontation too).

Games, as was said, three basic, Revenge of the Beloms and Faulton much more cruel Feeding. Belomy is an inferior race of this world in slavery and contempt of a substance in the form of round red balls with a toothy mouth and eyes. The first game is as follows: on the Playground at the sides are two sectors for the two parties standing opposite each other. Give each six BelOMO. The problem is very strange and difficult: we need to kick BelOMO feet into enemy territory (of course, he does the same thing), and when all 12 BelOMO will be in his sector, quickly run across in the it sector. Then scored a victory. The enemy can get BelOMO in you (and you him). If you athletete in the crowd, you will be counted a fine (adds three BelOMA in your sector).

The second game occurs after every three rounds first. Its aim is to kick the unfortunate BelOMO in the jaws of a huge green balls to Fultonham. There are six of them, each of them sitting on the pole, higher than the previous one, respectively, to get Belomor them in the mouth, each time harder.

But there is a third game. The worst of all. But for you. Balaam take off the muzzles, and now they are giving vent to her rage, unable to deal with you. The game switches to the mode "top view" (other modes – third person view from behind), you're holding a very strange weapon of the type of rod you have to beat off the advancing perimeter of your area belovv and knock them out all at once beyond a certain zone. But beware: if these creatures will knock you to the ground, then literally devour them alive.

The total score of the game affect your results in all three games and in each round (sometimes lose in a certain reduce the expense of the previous one). That pleases – before the actual game you can go through the exercise for each of the future competition where all told in detail.

Graphically, the game looks great in all modes, I liked the attention to detail: for example, beautifully animated and a wave of a tribune, where no one (!) of monsters is like another. Also, for example, for each of the possible participants for which to play, there is a very detailed dossier (dossier these, by the way, worth reading). And indeed graphics in General for its time, very detailed.

Before us is one of the few do not have unique and amazing games, a great example of creative thought and imagination. Not having received wide popularity due to the probably rather high difficulty, this game is at all times is a wonderful gift to all lovers of old masterpieces.

Wish to enjoy your afternoon playing some classic videogames? Play Grand Monster Slam online for free here.


Grand Monster Slam

Action, Sports
Rainbow Arts Software GmbH, Softgold Computerspiele GmbH
Golden Goblins
Behind view, Top-down