Goofy's Railway Express cover
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Goofy’s Railway Express

The famous developer Westwood Associates created Goofy's Railway Express in the year 1991. It’s a perfect Educational game and can be played online by clicking here.

Goofy’s Railway Express description

Another cute game, referring viewers to the wonderful world of Disney, and is dedicated to the famous character – goofy. This time a tall dog invites children to ride by railway to enjoy the stunning scenery and even more of them to embellish.

Express, which travels goofy (along with his friend Mickey, by the way!), difficult – from the pipe together with the smoke he produces a variety of geometric shapes, able to turn into unusual objects! You just need to press on the keyboard spacebar at the right moment. Also figures serve as a kind of travel for passengers waiting for train on the station every traveler noted her figure. If the image proposed by Express, the same as located on the platform, the passenger embarks on a journey with goofy.

The main value of this game is the beauty of the locations and cute animations appearing with your help, objects. Of course, an educational component is also important and will be interesting for young viewers is the study of geometric figures, and familiarity with different objects and colors. The kids also it will be interesting to see the change of landscape in the course of the adventure: from lush green fields to deserts and mountains. As for sound – everything is not so bright and sometimes annoying.

Despite all its advantages, Goofy''s Railway Express does not deserve a rating of below average – the gameplay is quite boring, and the title of educational it pays nearly half. However, the wonderful atmosphere and familiar childhood heroes allow the game to slip into outsiders and gain value for collectors and fans of Disney, so go to a bright journey and experience the beauty of the fairy world.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame Goofy’s Railway Express online? And the best part, it is for free!


Goofy’s Railway Express

Educational, Puzzle
Walt Disney Computer Software, Inc.
Westwood Associates