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Click here to play Goody, developed by Opera Soft S.A. in 1987. The game is a high quality Side view perspective game with an amazing Arcade experience.

Goody description

Long ago, when the trees seemed much higher when the computer was something sacred and unattainable, when color displays were a novelty, when in the solid institutions of the then Soviet Union worked computing machine !Bulgarian! brand Pravetz (IBM or Apple were apparently more expensive), at work at his father I saw my first computer game. It was called modestly – “Goody”. Started its expected colorful (despite the fact that the game has 4 colors, and I saw for the first time on a monochrome display) interactive story about the adventures of the awkward man in an increasingly hostile town.

“Goody” is the first of 2 most famous games of the Spanish team Opera Soft (the other being “Livingstone, I presume?”). It is difficult to be objective in describing what he saw the first computer games, so I apologize in advance for excessive enthusiasm.

The purpose of this simple, at first glance the platforming is a robbery of the Bank of Spain. But, despite its age, this is not a textbook as the source of the genre. Forget the countless platformers of gaming consoles. After all, in order to Rob the Bank, our budding burglar will need the tools to overcome obstacles, which are sold in the store, but the money they you have in the beginning of the game will not. To open the safe will have to collect a combination of 12 digits, which are scattered throughout the city and vary from game to game. And the city, meanwhile, is quite densely populated with all sorts of enemies of the protagonist. Police want to throw you in jail, the robbers – take away your money. Zoo gorillas scattered everywhere snakes and rats running around, crazy Housewives sweeping in your direction some sort of poisonous dirt, fanatical builders are not watching where flying debris of buildings, while working the hammer, the karate-lunatics will be happy to give a kick first his arm/leg, and bankers in a panic, you cast aside the bars of gold... And this is a partial list of the lurking dangers. But our hero is a true master of the throwing of bricks! This is one of the main highlights of the game. Depending on the time pressing the firing brick will fly at different trajectories and at different speeds. But you can shoot and jump! Also in your Arsenal there is a long staircase (which can be picked up, once on top) and a remote control for all elevators in the city. In addition to death at the hands of enemies, the protagonist can die from dehydration. To avoid this, you need time to refuel with BEER, which are scattered throughout the city.

Alas (?), the game is quite difficult to learn and complicated. Newcomers have to spend a lot of time to Rob a Bank. In addition, the mechanism of application of tools is very illogical. I don't understand why in one place it is necessary to use a screwdriver, and in another it is planted. It is unlikely that someone will want to discover an old CGA-passwordformat. Hence the question: “why am I writing all this?”. And in order to pay tribute to the magnificent game of my childhood!

The network is widely distributed Goody the remake that has the original game mechanics (but playable).

Play your favorite childhood game Goody online in your browser for free here.



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Opera Soft S.A.
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