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Global Domination

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Turn-based global strategy in the near future.

It's hard to say what happened in this world, but clearly something is not very scary (like alien invasion), but also anything good too. The world is somehow divided into five large States, whose leaders hate each other and seek to destroy their neighbors. You are invited to take on the role of one of them and somehow defeat all your opponents. The victory is counted only if all the other four factions defeated.

In this game, in fact, for someone who's in a lot of these things have already played, there would be nothing special, if not three "but". First, beautiful graphics – the phenomenon is totally unexpected for this kind of games. To make a global map colored and all labels and the interface is bright and clear – perfect solution. Secondly (as, perhaps, private consequence of the first) – is phenomenal (no other word to choose) the selection screen of the main characters of the game: "his" character and four opponents. Not only that, all these portraits are drawn not just efficiently, and with great love, so they are still full of some strange humor! And anybody out there!.. Want to bring in a diplomatic battle Queen Victoria, proud of August and overgrown caveman? There is nothing easier!

But the main point is the third. The fact that Global Domination is one of the first strategies partially indirect control: the list of available options is actually not that great, but the element of chance – on the contrary. This, incidentally, complicates the game. Of the actions available to us include diplomacy (to conclude or terminate with somebody a contract, other similar things), espionage, trade, formation, moving armies and fleets and the General tactical and strategic management of the fight (ask the main direction of attack or defense, arrange the troops on the flanks, specify the key objectives, other similar commands). But no direct control over the battle, nor to influence in any way on the economy (except for very limited trade) we can't.

Summing up, it should be said that Global Domination is the game is somewhat strange. First, it was as if she "impresses" us with his pleasant graphic design, why you would think that before us something not very complicated. And then someone may be disappointed of its difficulty and the element of chance. But if you are not afraid of difficulties, and the old turn-based strategy like something worth a look.

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Global Domination

Simulation, Strategy/Tactics
Managerial / Business Simulation