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Play online, the famous Gemfire, a Strategy/Tactics game, published by KOEI Co., Ltd. in the year 1992.

Gemfire description

One of the few jRPG strategies available on the PC platform.

Story – in a fantasy Kingdom of Ishmeria is ruled by the evil tyrant king Eselred. It is so bad that he hates even his own daughter, Princess Robyn. In order to put an end to the excesses of the father, she frees from captivity six of the wizards of ancient times, that they overthrew Eselred'and brought to the land of the Kingdom of the world. But all is not quite so: the wizards really want to see "world peace", only everyone sees it differently. So, quickly capturing the small area, they start a war with Eselred'ohms, and the war between them. You will play a commander of one of these wizards.

Gameplay – very simplistic and colorful (!) turn-based wargame, consisting of four campaigns whose ultimate goal – the Union of all States under his rule. To achieve this purpose, can be used as military action and diplomacy. For victory over the enemy do not have to defeat his entire army – enough to capture the enemy base, where is the specific army (of course, with your database, this can also happen). Another point of interest is the huge variety of teams (mainly fantasy creatures) and the ability to use in battle, different tactics, and each tactic you get different number of bonuses. In the game you have adviser (appointed before the start), and his advice is worth listening to. It supports multiplayer mode up to four players.

Graphically, the game looks amazing – it is drawn with true Japanese precision, each figure of a soldier, though petite, but very detailed and are made with special care, more animated every movement of every creature! Similarly, we can praise and landscapes, and global map. But the game still has a drawback – it is obviously too simple. Probably, for children such a thing would be a fabulous gift, but for the rest it is now, alas, in the first place collectible and nostalgic interest, which, of course, does not negate all its wonderfulness and excitement.

Have you ever wondered what kind of video games were played in the good old days? Try playing Gemfire online now and we are sure you will not stop playing again.



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