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Frogger II: Three Deep

Play online, the famous Frogger II: Three Deep, a Action game, published by Parker Brothers in the year 1984.

Frogger II: Three Deep description

The sequel to the famous (almost iconic) "logical arcades" of the early ' 80s, in which we had to help the frog to survive in a difficult and dangerous world through the wise management of her moving and avoiding all sorts of dangers.

The sequel went through a very long period of time, so no global changes in the gameplay were not observed, although everything became a little more beautiful and much more diverse. The frog has to visit many interesting places (even among the crowds of birds in the clouds), to avoid all sorts of fish, herons, crocodiles and many who still strictly reserved for time with the living and non-living things environment and your bright minds to achieve a certain "control points" - only in this case it is possible to get to the next level.

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Frogger II: Three Deep

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