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Ford Simulator

Play Ford Simulator, a very interesting Racing / Driving game, developed by Ford Motor Company in the year 1987 online on your browser right now.

Ford Simulator description

The first racing simulation from a series of promotional games, published by "Ford" to, apparently, promote their products on the market.

In this race with the first person view you are given a choice of an all-new model line 1987, each of which, as stated in the description of the games of the time, "to try". Of course, in addition to direct gameplay simulator also contained a huge (but hardly all interesting and necessary) amount of technical information within these models, and, of course, the prices.

This information is certainly informative, but how the game is the first simulator of the Ford, unlike the really amusing (in the framework of its tasks, of course) the second and fifth parts, turned out pretty average game. Much diversity or dynamics in the gameplay is not observed, the graphics, though colorful, but still in terms of quality even for the year when leaves much to be desired. Today the game is notable primarily as a historical monument.

Enjoy playing Ford Simulator online, it can be played on your browser and is free.


Ford Simulator

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Ford Motor Company
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