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Football Manager

Do you think old video games are boring? Play Football Manager, it is a Side view perspective game developed by Addictive Games Ltd and released on DOS in 1987. You will then know that you were wrong.

Football Manager description

One of the first "managerial" football simulators and the extremely rare game in the DOS-version (that the PC version of this game released on almost all gaming platforms of its time, there has become known recently).

If you do not take into account this very amazing rare, in General, the game is pretty standard (although if she was so at the time – the big question). You take on the role at the same time the head coach and the owner of the football team from the fourth division of English football, and your main goal naturally, is to make your team the champion of the country, gradually bringing it up to the football tops. It is noteworthy that this can be done within a completely unlimited amount of time. Besides playing in the divisions there is also a mode of the Championships.

The essence of the gameplay lies primarily in buying and selling players, training is given not so much attention; it is interesting that prices for players depending on their skills vary considerably, and moreover, the skills and the morale of the players over the years (or even months) tend to change and therefore changes their value in the market.

Directly manage a match is impossible, but you can think about conventional tactics and set a specific team on a specific game. Before the match you are always given information about the conditional "strength" of the opposing team, and one of the key tactical aspects of the game is replaced in the starting lineup your best players more than mediocre, to keep forces for more serious games (for some reason all the "stars" in the game does not have global endurance). Also the game was a place financial issues: sources of income for the team not so much, but to pay the bills for a lot what services are required every day; there is a possibility to take the credit in Bank on urgent business, but it is also not a perfect solution.

Does the game have graphics? Oddly enough, Yes, and even pretty cute (but didn't need to see screenshots of the versions for other platforms, because football players figures "out there" and here" is night and day, and night, unfortunately, on the PC). But, unfortunately, it occurs rarely, you just show some key moments of the match, and not as hand-drawn inserts, and as I may say, the sequence of events. However, for 95% of game time you will see only a black and blue screens with menus, text and other similar information.

The game is quite difficult to call a hit, but still a classic of the subgenre of managerial simulators (albeit open only for now), so at least the historical value of the game is huge.

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Football Manager

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Addictive Games Ltd
Addictive Games Ltd
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