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A Educational game, Flippy's Circus Coins was released in 1988 by the famous developed Softdisk Publishing. It is a DOS game and is perfect for all video game lovers.

Flippy’s Circus Coins description

Flippy''s Circus Coins hails from the late 1980s was intended to teach the younger generation the treatment of fines in the form of entertainment and is a collection of six mini-games with the clown Flippy.

Name That Coin - correlated very badly drawn sides of the coin with the name and value of penny (one cent), Nickel (five cents), dime (ten cents), the true nigger quarter (twenty five cents). Rare coins are in denominations of fifty cents (at the time of release he was thirteen years old and he was known only to the drug addicts from the area in which traded in cocaine) and one dollar never presented. To win, you need to give ten correct answers (display appears with asterisks), after which Flippi solemnly removed from the screen.

Pick The Coin here, on the contrary, it is necessary to correlate the names with the images; otherwise, everything corresponds to the previous mini-game.

Silly Seals - trained Navy seals must alternately catch the coins so that they got the same amount.

The Cycler of Flippy rides by on a unicycle and have to catch the coins thus to gain specified on the screen amount.

Refreshments - we show the random food and its cost, and the task of Flippi - collect the required amount of the featured coins.

High Diver - you need to write in the amount, which is displayed on the screen of a coin. Each correct answer leads to the fact that Flippy up the ladder a notch. As soon as he reaches the top, we show the animation: he jumps from a high platform located at the bottom of the bucket, and of the blood-bone meal, in which he becomes predictable after a fall from such a height, POPs up his severed head. Very nice.

Verdict - evil, stupid and ugly game that you can't show anyone. Exclusively for fans of thrash, and then only those who like such primitive gameplay.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Flippy’s Circus Coins

Softdisk Publishing
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