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Final Assault

Final Assault from 1988 is a Side view perspective game released by Infogrames Europe SA. If you want to play this game, click here.

Final Assault description

Simulator climber – certainly the first on the computer.

Actually, you're the climber and your task – to conquer any peak. Peaks a lot, they are all different (height, difficulty of ascent and other points), so each climb is necessary to prepare special.

A key element of the game is, as strange as it may sound, the backpack, the weight of which cannot exceed a certain number of kilograms. Acquainted with basic information about our top, we have to decide what, within the available limit on the weight we need to take: how long is the rope, what kind of tent, how much food, and so on. Well and then already to climb a mountain.

Climbing is clearly trying to simulate as realistic as possible, and I must say that it largely succeeded: the Final Assault is a serious simulator, where nothing is worth much to hurt or to stumble, get tired, or cold. You need to constantly monitor the weather, temperature, wind, as his hero, in time to make halts (thus, from hunger then you can faint).

Although the graphics adapter then supported single – CGA, game looks very nice: snow-covered European mountains, the lonely figure of a man, challenge them, - all this is drawn well, and the dull palette of the game only benefit. Of course, the game is very very good, but also objectively difficult and not for everybody.

Do you want to play Final Assault online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Final Assault online.


Final Assault

Simulation, Sports
Epyx, Inc.
Infogrames Europe SA
Side view