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A Adventure game, Eternam was released in 1992 by the famous developed Capstone Software. It is a DOS game and is perfect for all video game lovers.

Eternam description

A futuristic quest with many interesting features (the first of which is that actually "futuristics" are almost none).

A very distant future. Your character – Don Jonz, the commander of the Combined Forces of Orion, an outstanding military leader and head. But all his epic feats to save the Universe and things in the past. Now he is interested in only one thing – a vacation, which, moreover, he have been suggesting. Hold it don decides on the planet Eternam – artificially created "amusement Park" (at least, our hero thinks so), in which using the latest technology modeled different historical epochs of the planet Earth, the cradle of mankind.

But on arriving there, he suddenly realizes that all this is a terrible trap. Eternam is not as nice and friendly as it seems, and the trip itself, as the inability at this point to return home was arranged by his worst enemy – Mikhal'Ohm Nuke. Now our "tired of the Affairs of the" superhero will almost on their own to extricate himself from the situation. Almost – because he has a loyal assistant Tracy, who simultaneously Don't have help, and be saved from Mikhal'and translated in the digital form (it's a very distant future, remember that) and now through a special computer will give us different advice (this is the most important part of the game, by the way).

Perspective view of the game – from the first person (when we transition between locations), and the side or rear (the main form of the game – when we go on all sorts of areas, cities, and other places). Meaning – the serial passage is quite extensive levels, each of which corresponds to some historical earth period (Ancient Egypt, middle Ages, the French revolution and so on). On each episode, as required by the laws of the genre "quest", we expect all kinds of puzzles and talk with the NPC. There is the inventory, a list of available actions is quite traditional – to talk, to explore, to take, record and so on.

Be sure to note that this game, despite the abundance of humor and "good" graphics, very cruel. Death lurks at every step, and among the characters are "good" much less than "evil". It is clear that with some enemies you need to fight (although fighting is clearly rudimentary), but very often their careless actions can bring themselves to the death (for example, on the guillotine, where everything is shown in detail and with the blood).

The graphics in the game are drawn with a huge number of animations, often created the impression that we're watching a good old cartoon. Now this game is already recognized as classics of the genre – and not least due to the fact that in terms of technology for its time, was a big step forward.

However, if you evaluate Eternam how exactly the quest, then, in my opinion, to the highest estimate is still far. In any case, not wanting to say something bad, yet I note that like this game not everyone is a fan of quests in the first place because of local humor and certain situations – like gameplay elements (for example, the fighting here is still done badly), and some of the scenes. For everybody, in a word.

Want to play Eternam online now, play it on your browser here.