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Loriciel SA developed a Arcade game in the year 1994 called Entity. You can play it online now.

Entity description

Arcade game for a woman of questionable character (judging by her clothes), by which the destiny prescribed to be the special and save the planet from the terrible monster, whose name is called the game. And the planet not his – someone else: some creatures have kidnapped our heroine and landed on the planet with the dinosaurs! It battles with various species of animals (including flying) with not Blaster, not something similar and provide the basis of gameplay the game.

On the chart we can not say at least a few words. Backgrounds here – just a miracle. Dinosaurs too. But the model of the heroine – not really (but kind of good). The game is very difficult: management is unresponsive, if the pterodactyl high above you, then hit him hard (heroine bad aiming vertically), some types of dinosaurs did not kill.

In General, the game is primarily for fans of hardcore platformers of old, but the others, too, it is useful to look, at least for backgrounds.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com


Loriciel SA
Loriciel SA
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Arcade, Platform, Shooter