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In the year 1990, DragonStrike was launched by Westwood Associates, a top-notch Action game with an amazing and engaging Vehicular Combat Simulator gameplay. Click here to play it online.

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Our managed to pass through the Straits Algone only because I did not allow the army of draconians to break through to the ships until reinforcements came. Circling, distracted, attack from the flank to the vile poludyonny are unable to get to them and blow up the bombs, which were dragging in the legs. For this they gave me a medal with a Helmet and a Crown and the title of knight of the Sword, and now you can not worry for the future, gradually moving to the highest ranks. Management has already asked to go to a reconnaissance on the coast Vareta. There destroying the fortifications for archers, I probably would have received a vacation because of Caergoth – too tough nut to crack, and the siege will last long.

But Oh, Paladine! Ambition will lead me into trouble: agreeing on a suicide mission for the sake of membership in the prestigious order of the Rose is to return the banner of the great Khums from the Tharsis – it is unlikely I will return home. Cursed by the gods city live deadly red dragons, almost invulnerable to fire, and dragon spear are difficult to pierce too cunning and nimble. Need to calm down and think about tactics.

DragonStrike (Dragon Strike) – a simulator of battle-riders on dragons, adventure story and a variety of tasks which based on the story of the first book of a trilogy about the War of the Lance in the world of Krinn from the fantastic "universe" of DragonLance.

Despite the fact that it is really a simulator in the office quickly even a novice will understand: first, it is easy to learn; secondly, the first task is very simple, and in the third – management can change by itself. The difficulty increases gradually and it is not only to strengthen the enemy dragons and other enemies (some fast, others maneuver well, and others vulnerable to acid, fourth explode). Enemy ambush, going in groups, attacks on allies. Problem landscape: the player then flies in the canyons, on the edges which are close to the skin of your teeth, then sneaks through the swamp, where you have time to track down the enemy's dragons of the Dark Queen, it focuses on the high seas or the desert.

In a solid and interesting storyline, illustrated with bright pictures and descriptions of before and after jobs, Amateur DragonLance will meet many familiar names; and those who are not familiar with the world of the DL, will help to understand in-game map and guide. Each of the 22 tasks not like the rest. The game is nonlinear: the length of the storyline and the number of missions depends on whether the player to move to a higher Order and, in particularly dangerous Search (Quest), to more quick, nimble and sturdy silver and later the Golden dragon. For each of the Searches can not go; and tasks that are given instead of them, seemed to me the most interesting of all.

The "total freedom" is intended for training skills testing: in this the player selects any dragon and any opponents up to 99 pieces. Each of the good dragons has its own characteristics (speed, maneuverability, health, armor, fatigue, etc.), two special attacks and a rider with a long spear. Almost the same with enemy creatures, but they have no riders. Before setting you can see the landscape, to get used to the terrain and do some recon.

Locations where there are job, most extensive, and because the graphics are pretty simple (the detail can be set in the menu during the game). However, this did not stop the developers to make the terrain varied: the mountains look like mountains, plain not be confused with the desert, and in a heated battle almost do not pay attention to the schedule - it does not prevent to navigate, and sometimes the opposite helps. The dragons are altogether beautiful, fully drawn and three dimensional. And the music here works on the atmosphere. It a little, but the sound is always subject to what happens on the screen. Sounds exactly the same as actions, and they are quite pleasant to the ear.

Want to feel the real heroes of the liberation war? To serve the Good, without embellishment, without irony, fearlessly breaking through the countless army of the evil dragon Queen Takhisis and by its sombre citadel, say to yourself: "It was incredible and impossible. How did it happen that I survived the last battle?". Play DragonStrike. It is a classic whose fame does not tarnish with time.

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Enjoy playing DragonStrike online, it can be played on your browser and is free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com


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Strategic Simulations, Inc.
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