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Pretty realistic simulator dedicated to the destruction of the Nazi ship Bismarck at the beginning of the Second world war.

You play the role of the commander of the English heavy bomber, your mission – bombing of German ships, and the final goal is the detection and destruction of the "Bismarck".

The gameplay offers a certain freedom: so, we are free to decide which parts of the map and in what sequence we will patrol. However, the game is very difficult as does not begin in the air and on the runway, and started our heroic activities we have yet to rise into the air.

In game four panel interface – control the flight course of the aircraft and sending orders to a mechanic and arrow. All of us destroyed and damaged enemy ships octets in the final statistics. The most interesting is the choice of the next mission (I emphasize again that before the destruction of the "Bismarck" must still be reached): your commander gives you the ability to pull out of his hands one of the straws, each of which means a specific job.

Graphically, the game looks very good, especially considering the genre: the first-person view, the goal is always visible, supported not only CGA, but also VGA. However, the predominant colors dark colors (it seems that the action takes place only at night, and maybe it is), but this did not prevent, quite the contrary.

Verdict – a very good compromise between realism and ease of control. Perhaps the lovers of "real" simulation and finds the arcade game, but it will surely appeal to most fans to fly on the monitor screen.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Dive Bomber

Action, Simulation
U.S. Gold Ltd.
Acme Animation Inc.
Arcade, Shooter