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Do you want to relive your good old memories? Play Die Hard again, it’s a perfect DOS game launched in 1989 and a must-play for all video game lovers.

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He's the best COP in new York, suffering from a slight hangover impenetrable, resilient cookie lover "Twinkie" with an inimitable sense of humor, a dashing cowboy, in every fifth sentence which necessarily includes the word "ass." Yes, you read that right, it was he – John McClane, die Hard.

This game is made by the very first film of the series and very strictly follows the "letter" of the source. As we all remember, John Christmas came to his wife Holly, which had been in a fight. But just at this moment the skyscraper Corporation "Nakatomi", where Holly was Vice-President, captured by German terrorists led by the charismatic Hans Gruber. Their goal is simple – $ 6 million. Well, the purpose of which is in the building at the time of his capture John to save his wife, held by terrorists in hostages, and just defeat the bad guys.

No matter how it may seem amazing, but Yes, this is a real 3D THIRD-person action in full 3D, made in 1989. The gameplay is sort of simple – go through the building, looking for new moves, fight the enemies with a pistol and your own fists, then find the machine. The plot plays an important role in the passage and develops (partly even regardless of our actions), so that periodically we will see footage from the film, which only adds to the game atmosphere.

As already mentioned, the graphics are amazing as well. But the main thing in this game is the very unique atmosphere, "the spirit" of the original film, and, of course, the character whose role we had the opportunity to speak at this time. After all, isn't it nice to experience the rush of adrenaline in the final, when you can deservedly look full of triumph at the eyes of the defeated Gruber is moving away from you getting closer and closer to the ground, and say with incredible pleasure that very phrase...

What is here to write should not: fans of the film and so probably understand. Because the game is designed primarily for them. However, it can be recommended to any fan of historic action games. At least if we talk about games of John McClane, this – definitely the best of the best.

Play your all-time favorite Die Hard free on your browser here.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com

Die Hard

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