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There are some video games which you will never forget. D/Generation is one of them. It was launched in 1991, by Robert Cook but still loved by many. Play it online now.

D/Generation description

Amazing adventure game where you will play the role of an ordinary man caught in a death trap and leading a desperate struggle for life. Our hero – a simple courier who was tasked to deliver a small parcel to the Genoq building Corporation, dedicated to research in the field of genetics. Suddenly, just at the moment when he enters the building, the worst happens: the security system fails, doors will be locked, and creatures that have been studied (or even created) in laboratories Corporation, escaped to freedom... Now our task – to survive, to escape from this horror, along the way, still trying to understand the plot and the reasons for the situation.

The game includes ten great levels (all – in isometric perspective of the review, each represents a separate floor of the Corporation, from the eighties, where we first went to the upper – eighty-ninth). We have to talk with the surviving employees (the game has dialogues), to look for weapons and items, attempt to hack the computer terminal (this is necessary to penetrate in some areas and important information) and to solve many kinds (sometimes quite hard) puzzles in more than a nervous situation. And although the puzzles often boil down to finding the way forward – that is something to find somewhere, to open, to put forward, but their difficulty as you progress through the game increases exponentially (on the third level there is a whole system of various buttons and levers!). Please remember: security system Corporation incapacitated, so monsters are not only your enemies.

However, the first thing you need to still kill them (monsters) in each room (there are several), where they are, and where they always appear (this is also there on each level). And despite the fact that first, any weapons you have (then you can find a lot of things – grenades, explosives, shield and so on). In theory, the release of captive monsters scientists (as the solution of some other puzzles) is not mandatory, but without this resolve many of the puzzles will be very difficult, in addition, it is the only way to get extra lives, which is what we will need. After the death of the character is always reborn in the first room a specific level – regardless of the size of this level (and they are sometimes quite large). Control in the game is quite difficult – and not least because of the isometric view and the difficulty in aiming (and shooting will not only monsters, but in some buttons).

This game is difficult. This thesis must be taken immediately and as a postulate, without discussion. Moreover, I can say that at the moment it is one of the most difficult games known to me. To perform some action (by the way, we have to admit that the actions of the puzzles here are quite similar – they become harder as you progress through the game, but the point they are about the same) it is necessary to make a truly epic, grandiose sequence of other actions (sometimes up to twelve!), parallel to fighting with monsters, lasers (which, although formal and static, but still moving) and other things. Death in this game is not just a frequent guest, it's something quite mundane.

The graphics in the game are wonderful – a palette of 256 colors, portrayal of the characters and interiors – a real piece of work. Visually very nice to play, however, some will probably be turned off of higher complexity. But the game, however, gets more than deserved a perfect score, because that's what it is, not System Shock, is the first by cyberpunky "stealth-horror'om" on the PC.

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Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com


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