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Crisis in the Kremlin

In 1991, a DOS game was released by Barbu Corporation. The game was called Crisis in the Kremlin and belongs to Strategy/Tactics genre. Play it online by clicking here.

Crisis in the Kremlin description

The representative of the rare genre of political simulation, where you have to assume the duties of President of the USSR. Time in the yard hottest: 1985, perestroika, glasnost...

In the once United Communist party formed a three factions - the conservative, headed by Ligachev, reformed under the leadership of Gorbachev and the so-called "nationalist" (this term is referred to as Yeltsin's supporters). Well, the new President will have to maintain a delicate balance between the warring parties, not forgetting about entrusted to him by the state.

Monthly on the Desk of the head of the country lie reports about the level of life of citizens set out in the form of colored scales. The longer the scale, the more success achieved in this direction by the government. And directions, among other things, as many as 12 (from food and housing to education and the rule of law), and none of them cannot be run.
However, a wise ruler should take care of his own chair, that is constantly monitor the indicators of their political power, popularity among fellow politicians, popular support and relations with foreign powers.

Responsible decisions about further political and economic development of the USSR, the President made twice a year: in a may day speech identify key aspects of foreign and domestic policy (military doctrine, the rights and freedoms of citizens, control the media, private enterprise, etc.), and by November 7, calculated the budget for next year. However, no one bothers to make a plan of small adjustments when you want.

Unfortunately, to manage a huge country clearly on a pre-built scheme does not work. The fact of the matter is in the President's office the phone rings the line and the head of one of the subordinate agencies (the Council of Ministers, foreign Ministry, KGB or TASS) reported on the occurrence of a crisis situation. "Comrade President, there was an explosion at Chernobyl, what shall we do?" "Comrade President, what do You think about the recent suppression of the Chinese youth in Tiananmen square?" "Comrade President, some rust from West Germany landed in red square!" All these state of emergency the head of state needs to be handled personally, and on his future career, and they affect almost greater extent than "turnover".

Crisis can provoke and its ill-considered policies, so if headlong rush into reformism, it is possible to incur the wrath of the conservative faction, supported by the army and state security. If the case goes before the attempted coup, will either have to skillfully use his party's credibility, or to encourage people to take to the streets in defense of the legitimate government, and well, if people will listen to you... there's also the reverse situation - not wanting to make concessions dogma sooner or later will try to shift the opposition.

Like any game whose action takes place in Russia, Crisis in the Kremlin could not avoid a certain dose of "cranberry". However, the overall style of the late Soviet era aged very well - a hearty and surprisingly error-free inscriptions on the Russian language, teletype, document folder, successfully stylized under these articles in "Pravda" notes, finally, illustrating the may day speech photos. By the way, the Chairman of the KGB in his analysis of the attitudes of the people often quoted "political" jokes.

A very worthy game for anyone interested in politics and want to try yourself in the role of head of state.

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Crisis in the Kremlin

Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.
Barbu Corporation, Spectrum Holobyte, Inc.
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