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Crazy Cars 3

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Crazy Cars 3 (a.k.a Lamborghini: American Challenge)

Surprisingly, firing two, to put it mildly, not too successful game, Titus found the strength not only to take a third part, but to make it really good.

You are invited to take part in illegal races in different parts of the United States. Each of the participants makes his bets on the results of the race, which adds an element of excitement and gives an extra incentive to reach the finish line first. The money goes to participate in a new, more prestigious races, as well as improvement and repair of the car.

Race illegal, so no one cared to clear the way from the traffic. Also, no one alerted the police, and very often you have to not only try to take first place, but also to ensure that between you and the cars with flashing lights was quite a distance.

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Crazy Cars 3

Racing / Driving
SoftKey International, Inc., Titus France SA
Titus France SA
Behind view
Arcade, Vehicle Simulator