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Cohort: Fighting for Rome

Cohort: Fighting for Rome from 1991 is a Top-down perspective game released by Impressions Games. If you want to play this game, click here.

Cohort: Fighting for Rome description

Fairly simple "early" tactical strategy game dedicated to the battles of Ancient Rome. Apparently, the action takes place in a period with any of the numerous civil wars, because in this part (unlike the second), the battles take place only between the Romans.

Before the battle you can choose one of three terrain types and to configure some parameters of the army (total numbers, types of units). Several types of these two types of infantry, archers, artillery. Before each turn you can give a particular service a certain order. We should also highlight the ability to "rally" the troops, shouting General.

What is noteworthy (in order to explain the high rating for this, in General, not the most outstanding game) – so it is simply amazing the animation of units. Yes, Cohort is dedicated to the "small" battles, but here, every soldier can be considered literally in the details, the attention paid to everything, down to the items of clothing. So visually looks great. And play objectively interesting, though not very difficult. This is certainly not the Centurion (and the other sub-genre), but fans of the old strategies and are interested in the history of Rome is worth a look.

Do you want to play Cohort: Fighting for Rome online, in your browser? Now you can. Click here to play Cohort: Fighting for Rome online.


Cohort: Fighting for Rome

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