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In 1993, Kronos released a Action game named C.R.B.. You can play it online here.

C.R.B. description

Under this abbreviation, which citizens of post-Soviet space is not the most pleasant associations with Central regional hospital, hiding a Spanish clone of Pang - Japanese arcade, released in 1989 on the machines, and soon after ported to several other platforms, where it gained popularity. Well, where popularity, there's the imitators.

The essence of the game is the following: at the bottom of the screen to run the two boys, each of which controls one of the players. From the space gradually there are balls that need to shoot some ropes attached to the shells (in this case, as tips are the arrow and a suction Cup). After the label hit the colored spheres fall into more small; thus, the task is to shoot them all, including the smallest items, while avoiding contact with them, as this leads to loss of one of three issued at the beginning of the lives. This occasionally drop bonuses that can help you to destroy balls or defend themselves from them. As soon as the screen is tipped to begin a new level, and the winner is the player who will score the most points or simply remain alive. Unfortunately, artificial intelligence is not here, so you can play either with a friend or alone, good in the second case, the game loses little.

From a technical point of view, everything looks good, but sounds significantly worse - the squeaking sounds in the Intro and during the action definitely annoying.

In General, we have quite a good clone, no worse than Shooting Wave or Bang, and has two distinctive features. First, there is a mini-story, which is better not to pay attention as it tells about the invasion of balls from the constellation of Orion. Second, the C. R. B. there is a small educational element: as backgrounds for the levels are images depicting various architectural, sculptural and natural attractions of Spain, in particular - native to developers of Murcia, whose government repeatedly used computer games to attract potential tourists.

Not sure how to pass your time, why not play our classic videogame C.R.B. online? And the best part, it is for free!

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com