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A DOS game was developed by Computec Verlag GmbH & Co. KG and then released by Max Design GesMBH in 1993, the game was called Burntime. Now you can relive the memories by playing it online here.

Burntime description

A strange mix of RPG and strategy, dedicated to our dark future...

The third World has come and gone, leaving the world in ruins, and people - on the verge of extinction. Esse has decided to rectify the situation, but did not agree on how, and therefore they parted ways. In the face of one of the five Leaders we have to unite the people of the Desert and raise him, to unite - for the sake of survival...

The game has a mixed turn-based-realtime nature. Within the same stroke - "day" - we are free to do anything. It to us on the course this exactly 5 minutes real time. Within the city, where we are now, we can do what we want - to fight, to shoot the breeze, trade... the Transition from city to city move ends and go other players. If desired, you can finish the course and not going anywhere - enough to spend all the time or press the "End turn" - "Next" - in the appropriate menu.

Our goal is to recruit people in groups, to ekipirovka them to provide all the necessary and to give the order on deduction of the settlement. Taking a certain number of villages, we will win... Easy? Not at all.

All settlements (locations) are divided into three big groups - Cities, Just Settlements and Important Places. Just the Settlements have a small or zero initial population (which we will fix), are frequented by mutants (eat chelovechinki... beware!) and have problems with water, radiation and so on. Important Places - the same Settlement, only to have a feature that makes them important - the Church, the Factory and so on. The retention of these very difficult, as they are usually chosen by the mutants and the stray dogs (two types of "monsters" in the game - no more!), most (except the Church) - all infected... Plus they are on "walk-through" places, so to get a transit point - the dream of every Leader.

Finally, the Metropolitan areas - the territory of neutral. They cannot occupy as other places, there is no fight... Only to trade and hire people. By the way, about people...

All People are divided into five classes, four of them minimalny (almost).

The leaders (Boss) - the Heroes, the embodiment of Players. The death of a Leader equivalent to the defeat of his clan - useful if not killed you as it reduces the number of competitors. Obviously, if your Leader dies, it will happen gamover.

Technicians (Engineer/Technician) - collect different items from the junk that you find in the Desert. Only useful for early game when you desperately need rat Traps and other gadgets (later, you can spit on them and keep the Engineers only as appendages to the wells in their towns).

Doctors (Medic/Doctor) - treat your people. Free, unlike a chiropractor, that in the big Cities... But not as effectively and not always.

Soldiers (Soldiers/Mercenaries) - your army. Those that will guard your skin, your town and your people from criminals, competitors and other threats.

Merchants (Traders/Dealers) - do not enter the units for the obvious reason. In the Desert, no banknotes, so that the exchange follows the principles of barter - the phrase "traded for two rats for a new knife" is becoming the new equivalent of the words "good deal". Obviously, weapons, water, water containers and protective gear (hazmat suits, gas masks and so on) - most expensive. Remember, somewhere in the mountains there are gold mines...

Best not to tell... However, the game has a lot of problems. Fighting very confused - as they also take place in real time, it's a matter of how fast you zaklikali to death of the next generation of mutations before it Saklikent you. The way to know the degree of contamination of a specific place exactly one is to go and see how fast decrease life points. Not a fountain.

Back word: the game is recommended to anyone who thought that saving the world is easy. Let them think again.

Anyone who likes games in the style of "survival" - if not in time to catch the dog and not to meat, it is possible to end hunger. Similarly (and much faster) can lean from thirst.

Also - anyone who likes "light" strategy. All the others refer to the Fallout and Survival (the game is called, will soon lay out).

Do you want to relive your memories and play Burntime online in your browser? Play it now for free.

Source: Archive.org, Mobygames.com